Cutlery Sets

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  • Bamboo Dinner Set in 2 designs

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    Everything you need to set the table for your little one. 

    Made from sustainable bamboo fibre that is 100% free from PCP, formaldehyde, phthalates and BPA.

    • Contains: Fork, Spoon, Bowl, Plate and Cup
    • Available in 2 designs: Whale and Swan
    • made from sustainable bamboo
    • free from harmful chemicals
    • dishwasher safe

  • Bib and Burpset

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    This wonderfully soft and absorbent organic cotton bib and burp set by Fresk is a perfect gift for your friends and family, and yourself! The set comes in beautiful gift packaging and contains a bib and burp cloth to ensure that messes are kept to a minimum!

2 Item(s)