Bambinex Paper Liners

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Bambinex paper liners are our best selling disposable nappy liner. They are perfect for inside any all in one nappy as they are narrower than most other liners and they are especially good for pre-weaned or liquid/runny poo. Sold in rolls of 100 liners each.
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  • Bambinex liners are our best selling disposable paper liner. They are a thick liner which is suitable for pre-weaned and weaned babies but most of our customers happily use them all the way through birth to potty.

    They are a similar thickness to the Ultra liners but slightly narrower which makes them an ideal choice for all in one and pocket nappies such as Bumgenius, Charlie Banana, MioSolo or Easyfit.

    Sold in rolls of 100 liners each.

    The liners are made of paper so will eventually breakdown but at a much slower rate than toilet paper.  We recommend you do not flush them and instead bin them or you can compost or recycle wet only liners.