Mother-ease Bedwetter Pant

  • Super absorbent, Totally leak-proof
  • 100% polyester waterproof outer barrier
  • 3 layer cotton soaker panel
  • Elastic all around gives comfortable fit
  • 21 oz absorbency - no boosters needed
  • Natural cotton inner
  • Waterproof PUL outer
  • Easy pull up & down
  • Fully washable

The Mother-ease washable Bedwetter Pants are a pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection! The absorbent inner is made from our white cotton terry and the outer is made from our polyester PUL cover fabric.


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  • INFO
  • Beyond the potty learning years, the Mother-ease Bedwetting Pant offers considerable more absorbency than is available in Training Pants. Bedwetting pants are not designed specifically for potty training, but instead, to meet the needs of children who have difficulty controlling potty urges while sleeping at night - giving them soft, absorbent comfort and reducing embarrassment.

    Easy to use, the Mother-ease Bedwetting Pants pull-on and off just like the Mother-ease Training Pants, extending the independence they need to take care of their potty needs on their own.

    The Bedwetter Pant can be used by themselves and does not require a cover.

    The perfect night time solution for those that are not yet making it through the night! 

    Lovely comfy pants with a super absorbent terry cotton inner, certainly as absorbent as any nappy absorbing a dramatic 600ml! 

    The outside is a waterproof laminated polyester.

    • They have been careful designed with a 100% polyester waterproof outer barrier that looks and feels like cotton.
    • They have a 3 layer cotton soaker panel that is partially attached at the waist front and back for quicker drying time.
    • Elastic all around the waist and legs gives your toddler a comfortable, 'no restriction' stretchy fit.
    • The pant is super absorbent and totally leakproof. The inner fabric is made of knit cotton terry.

    Turn them inside out to wash.

    Size Range

    XSMALL30 - 40 lbs / 13-18 kg
    SMALL40 - 55 lbs / 18-25 kg
    MEDIUM55 - 65 lbs / 25-30 kg