Halloween treats and surprises

We all know how exciting Halloween can be for our own little monsters, but due to today’s market costume designs as well as fun games can get you’re wallets and purses screaming for mercy. Here are some low-cost fun ways to have the best Halloween yet.


Frankenstein bowling

This game can be exciting for adults as well as the children due to the competitive edge this game can offer. The most exciting part for myself is the beginning, making the tin cans into your favourite monster; mine preferably would be a one eye monster!! Grrr. Recycled tins would be perfect for this game!

Once your tins are looking creative and most importantly, SCARY the only next step is to grab a small sized ball such as a tennis ball and let the fun commence. Make sure you write a comment below on who won, the children or the adults!!

Wrap the mummy

One of my favourite games I have come across is wrap the mummy. We all have toilet paper in our house as it doesn’t cost too much money, two teams will have to wrap the mummy up in an allotted amount of time quickest team wins. Sorry mums out there - after all it is Halloween!

Guess the sweets

Another interesting and fun way is guess how many sweets are in the bowl. An easy game with the winner able to take the sweets home. Another cheap way to boooost the happiness within the home. 

One for the Mums!!

Why not go for a 90’s themed retro costume, the 90s wasn’t like is now with all the costumes to choose from different brands and supermarkets, why not go for the retro look that we all were brought up in.


All you need is:

• Black rubbish bags

• Fake blood  

• Duct tape 

Fake blood can be found in a range of supermarkets, lets bring back retro as we all know it was more fun and spookier!!

We hope you have all enjoyed our first blog post of many! Make sure to come back weekly to keep up to date with our news, latest products & features. 

Happy Halloween to all!

Mason x