Disposable nappies are a thing of the past, here are a few reasons why reusable nappies are amazing.


A statistic made in USA claims that an estimate of 27.4 billion disposable nappies are used each year, that accumulates to 3.4 million tons of nappies end up in landfills each year, this is a staggering statistic that needs to be sorted as soon as possible to help sustain landfill sites.

Now compare that to using the different cloths over and over cleaning them with safe detergent in high efficiency water. In my honest opinion there’s just no contest.

Cloth nappies are cheaper:

Disposable nappies will set you back at least £2500 pounds before your child is potty trained. That statistic is only for the basic nappies if you wanted to buy premium or biodegradable that number will rise to £3500 pounds. 

Whereas if you were to buy twenty of the most expensive cloth nappies on our website the price will set you back to around £400 pounds, water bills and detergent will also be required however the price will still drop massively compared to disposables.

Cloth diapers will help protect your baby boy’s jewels:

German scientists found that the skin temperature around Baby Boy’s genitals were significantly higher when they worse disposable nappies compared to cloth nappies. They also suggested that prolonged use of disposable nappies could be an important factor in the decline of sperm production in adult males. 

Cloth nappies are very cute:

With all the designs, colours, patterns and textures cloth nappies are far more fashionable and more exciting than the same disposable nappies, just check out our website, once finishing this blog and find out for yourself.

Source: https://www.mamanatural.com/why-cloth-diapers-are-better-than-disposables/

Tell us in the comments below, do you use cloth nappies??

If so what do you think the benefits are??

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween, and last week’s blog, this week we have learnt the benefits of cloth nappies and the huge advantages they bring to you and your baby. Keep an eye out for next weeks blog. Thank you as always for reading and we will see you next week.

 Mason x