Abri-Form (All-in-one Pads Nappy style)


Our unisex all-in-one pads are available in different sizes and several absorbencies within most sizes. 

Our soft, breathable backsheet available on our Premium products offers greater comfort for the wearer and promotes skin integrity. The advanced double 3 layer absorbent core ensures that the skin is kept dry while leakage barriers ensure maximum protection and lock any fluid inside the pad. 

Wetness indicators are featured on these products which can help you to identify when the product needs changing when dealing with urinary incontinence. The flexible tape featured on our Premium all-in-one pads ensures the best possible fit for added comfort and security. 

The smooth back panel is designed to protect skin integrity by minimising any risk of pressure marks. To ensure you choose the correct size both the waist and hip should be measured and the largest measurement selected. These products are latex free.