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Mother-ease Absorbent Liner Sandys


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  • Soft knit terry cotton
  • Boosts absorbency for mother-ease cloth nappies
  • Great with Mother-ease nappies
  • Triple-layered
  • Provide extra comfort
  • Perfect for toddlers in toilet training

Sandys Absorbent Liners can be placed in any of Sandys Fitted Diapers and Mother-ease All-in-One Diapers whenever you need extra absorbency. These liners hold an extra 6-7 ounces. They are great for overnight!

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  • Mother-ease Absorbent Sandy's Liner

    These liners add extra protection to your little one. Great for bedwetter's and toddlers in toilet training! Super soft liner's that pop into your child's nappy and provide extra comfort and extra absorbency. 

    These soft knit terry liners simply nestle in the Sandy's, Toddle-ease or All in One nappies adding extra absorbency for night time or whenever needed.

    Mother-ease Uber Shop
    Small5 x 12 (Fits all nappies)6 oz. / 0.17kg
    Large5.5 x 14 (Fits Large nappies & Toddle-ease)7 oz. / 0.20kg
    The Small liner fits in all nappies and the Large fits the Large Sandy's, Toddle-ease or All in One nappies.