Mother-ease Breathable Laundry Mesh Nappy Bag

  • Breathable nappy liner/ bag
  • Made from polyester
  • Allows cloth nappy to breath
  • Prevents odors from setting on the fabric
  • Goes into your washing machines easily
  • Makes handling the nappy easy

Mother ease offers an exceptional quality Breathable nappy Pail liner. 

Made from polyester mesh to allow soiled cloth nappy to "breath" and prevent odors from setting into the fabrics.

The Breathable Mesh Bags slides over the top of the pail for a perfect fit. Once your pail is full, simply toss the mesh bag into the front (or top) of your washing machine for the diapers to work there way out during the wash cycle - never needing to re handle your dirty nappies again!

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  • INFO
  • Mother-ease Laundry mesh Nappy Bag

    Helpful Tips:
    • Mesh pail liners allows any nappy trapped inside during the wash cycle to still come out clean - unlike any PUL pail liners!
    • Mother ease recommends having 2. One for inside the pail while the second is inside the washing machine. Then simply rotate!
    • Both the White and Beige Mesh Bags are made of 100% recycled polyester.
    • And the Blue and Red Mesh Bags colours may bleed. Be sure to wash these colours separately once or twice to ensure your diapers do not discolour!