Mother-ease Wizard Duo Perfect Size Cover

  • Wizard DuoCover consists of an absorbent Duo Nappy fitted insert (sold separately) and awaterproof Duo cover
  • Must beworn with a Wizard Duo Insert
  • The twosnap together to make a simple One step nappy system
  • Almostas easy to use at the popular Wizard Uno All in One
  • Simple,eco-friendly, lightweight and leakproof
  • Availablein 5 different sizes to match the Mother-ease Duo fitted inserts
  • Snapthe absorbent insert into waterproof cover, snap onto baby and once soiledremove insert and snap in a clean one
  • Featuresadjustable waist and rise snaps for a secure, tamper-proof fit
  • Fullyelasticated waist both in the front and back
  • Super comfortableand stretchy fit
  • Use aMother-ease Wizard Booster for extra absorbency during night time
  • Airdries quickly to reuse 3-4 times
  • Soft,wick resistant binding
  • WaterproofPUL layer on inside
  • Reusecover 3-4 time before laundering
  • Creating the first line of defense
  • INFO