Mother-ease Wizard Uno All In One Nappy- Stay Dry


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  • The one step Cloth Nappy system everyone is talking about
  • High tech Stay Dry Fabric- Keeping your baby dry andcomfortable
  • Available in New-born 6-12lbs (XSmall) and One Size 8-35lbs
  • Three across rise snaps
  • Excellent Absorbency
  • EasyCare technology means ease of washing and quick drying
  • Day Care friendly
  • Inner and Outer Leakage Protection which consists of two separateelastics, creating two lines of defence across the legs and a full waist elastic
  • Super comfortable dry feel and 100% leak free
  • Just add one Wizard Booster for 12+ hours of leak-free ClothNappy

The Wizard Uno All in One Cloth Nappy is the nappy everyoneis talking about! A one step cloth nappy system, just snap and go.

Offered in both New-born and One Size, you can be sure thatyour nappy will fit comfortably and be 100% leak free. Using the best designand materials, the Wizard Uno provides excellent absorbency, great fit and acomfortable dry feel. For nights and naps add one Wizard Booster between theabsorbent core and waterproof cover for 12+ hours of leak-fee cloth nappy. 

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