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  • Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book

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    • Suitable from birth
    • Stimulates babys senses
    • Packed with fun
    • Includes crinkle noises
    • Develops touch and hearing
    • Comfort sore gums
    • Brightly coloured fabric pages
    • Soft plush character head

    The Flip Flop Teether Book has everything you need to stimulate babys senses and imagination. Each page is packed with fun from crinkle noises that develop touch and hearing, to teething edges that soothe and comfort babys sensitive gums.

  • Sophie la Girafe Goodnioght, Sophie

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    • A touch and feel book
    • Meet Sophie the Girafe and her friends
    • Explore the different textures
    • Talk about the colourful pictures
    • Fabric surfaces are surface washable only
    • Featuring a soft, padded cover
    • Sturdy board pages

    Drift off with Sophie la Girafe and friends as they prepare for a good nights sleep with Baby Touch and Feel Goodnight Sophie.

  • WombSong Serenades CD

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    • Collection of 12 songs and lullabies
    • Features contemporary vocals
    • Jazzy instruments
    • Focus on positive lyrics
    • Perfect for car journeys, at home and nursery
    • Fun for all the family
    • Start listening pre-birth

    This CD has heart-warming songs some familiar & some new that make you feel great and provided nourishment for the mind!Complied to get maximum mind stimulation for your childs development. Beautifully recorded and orchestrated with a focus on positive lyrics.
  • Musical Soup - Mozart for Toddlers

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    These 24 Mozart favorites have been developed and arranged by Dr. Norman M. Weinberger, a renowned neurobiologist, and Jimmie Haskell, a 3-time GRAMMY award winner. 

    Designed for toddlers 15 Months and over. 

    This collection of 24 beautifully recorded Mozart pieces have been carefully assembled. Music stimulates the entire brain and developmentally appropriate music maximises the benefits. 

    This CD is divided into three sections: Wake Up, Play Time and Sleepy Time - to match your little ones activity level. 

    Be prepared to walk like and elephant, march in time and practise your cymbals!

  • The Toddler Book: How to Enjoy Your Growing Child

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    The Toddler Book: How to Enjoy Your Growing Child

    By Rachel Waddilove

    Paperback by Lion Hudson
    Book on a childs development between 12 - 36 months. 

    This book is essential for any parent who wants to approach the terrible twos stage with confidence & a smile.  

    Rachel shares a wealth of practical information; dealing with issues such as potty training; establishing good sleeping habits and feeding your toddler; as well as more complex issues such as how to prepare your toddler for a new brother or sister and ways to manage difficult toddler behaviour.

  • Baby Massage: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

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    • End babys day with a calming, soothing, sleep educing massage!
    • An easy to follow 95 page book which presents a highly readable manual of baby massage.
    • It is designed for all parents, grandparents, health workers and therapists.
    • It will strengthen the immune system and improve the circulation of blood.
    • Enhancing co-ordination and flexibility.

    A fantastic present, guaranteeing the reader and the baby hours of bonding and pleasure.

6 Item(s)