Maternity and Birth

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  • Themiraclebox Ready Birth Ball Packages

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    • 55 cms: Red Birthing Ball
    • 65 cms: Blue Birthing Ball
    • Online access to view this Incredible DVD
    • A Simple Guide to Pelvic Floor and Core Exercises
    • 3 x Exercise Wall Charts or view exercises Online
    • Downloadable Information on Optimal Foetal Positioning
    • Late Pregnancy Postures
    • Getting your baby into the best positions for birth
    • Exercises to help move your baby
    • Helpful positioning tips during labour with your birth ball
    • *Colours may vary on occasions

    The complete exercise/birthing ball package for mums and mums to be. One High Quality Non Slip Birthing Ball and Dual Action Pump. The perfect birthing ball for use in the birthing centre and to help perform those exercises to get you back in shape after pregnancy. (ball colours may vary). Each ball comes with a non-slip surface.

  • Premium Maternity Pads

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    • 14 Pads per Pack
    • Highly absorbent fluff core
    • Contains absorbent polymers
    • Dermatalogically tested
    • Features fully breathable waterproof textile back
    • Super Soft Top Sheet
    • Minimises irritation to the skin
    • Adhesive strip to secure

    The Abena Maternity Pads is an anatomically shaped pad for mothers; specifically designed to cater for light to heavy degrees of postnatal incontinence. Abena Maternity Pads will facilitate the postnatal phase so that the mother can concentrate on what truly matters, their new born child.
  • Relax Maternity Pregnancy Support Pillow

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    • Comes with a zipped bag
    • Perfect gift for a mum to be
    • Feeding Pillow Relax Collection
    • Relax pillow is the perfect assistant
    • Relax is a godsend pillow for the weary spine
    • Composition: 100% Cotton
    • Filling: anti-allergy micro beads
    • Length: 170 cm

    Relax pillow for mum and baby is ideal during pregnancy, feeding and while having a nap. The anti-allergic micro beads filling inside ensures proper settlement of the baby. Pillow can be use over a long period of time starting from pregnancy up to baby sitting support.
  • HPA Lanolin Nipple Soothing Cream 40ml

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    • Helps soothe and protect
    • Safe and hypoallergenic
    • 100% natural
    • The British Allergy Foundation Seal of approval
    • Worlds purest lanolin nipple cream
    • No need to remove before breastfeeding
    • Paraben free

    Lansinoh HPA Lanolin has been specially developed to help soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples in breastfeeding mothers.
  • New Mother Maternity Pads

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    Natracare New Mother Natural Maternity Pads 10 Maternity Pads

    • Organic Cotton Maternity Pads for the New Mother!
    • Extra, soft long & breathable
    • Comfortably padded
    • The maternity pads and the packaging are 100% plastic free
    • Biodegradable & compostable
    • Totally Chlorine free
    • Natural materials
    • Perfume free
    • No animal testing

    The soft, fluffy, absorbent core, made from totally chlorine free pulp, quickly absorbs and locks away fluid, and the certified organic 100% cotton cover allows your skin to breathe whilst at the same time keeping you dry and free from contact with synthetic materials.

    Certified organic cotton, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, non-GMO cornstarch, non-toxic glue.

5 Item(s)