Taf Toys Boat Cot Toy - 3 in 1

  • Motion, light and music with volume control
  • Longevity and practicality of use designed to help in 3 development stages
  • Soothes at bedtimes
  • Entertains at change and play time
  • Encourages crawling
  • Musical toy with 2 setting options: night mode or day mode
  • Requires: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Stage 1: From newborn, the Musical Boat Cot Toy can be used as a beautiful crib soother. When placed onto the cot rails, the toy can be secured with sturdy straps. The night mode selection activates one of three relaxing sounds, each of which play continuously for 10 minutes- a calming melody, softly trickling water or nature sounds. Pressing on the adorable owl characters head re-activates the music, and fascinating colourful stars are projected on to the ceiling. Selecting the motion button sends the owl slowly sailing and bobbing along the toy for extra visual treats. To stop the music and movement, simply press the owl down for 3 seconds. Volume can also be controlled with high and low options.

Stage 2: When baby is becoming stronger between the ages of 3-6 months, the Musical Boat Cot Toy can be removed from the crib and used as an aid to tummy-time play. Placing the toy on the floor and activating the music and movement prompts the boat to sail lazily from side-to-side, encouraging baby to lift his head and neck during tummy-time. Select day mode to engage baby further, as voice sounds and fun melodies will encourage baby to follow the boat as it bobs along the toy, strengthening muscles and helping baby to develop.

Stage 3: As baby is becoming more active, the boat can be removed from the platform and used independently. Push the owls head to activate the movement and watch as the toy sails slowly along the floor, with the owl rotating and fun music playing, encouraging baby to crawl after it!


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