Moltex Nappies Size 2 Mini Bio

  • Buy 2 for £8.45 each and save 3.4%
  • Buy 3 for £8.30 each and save 5.1%
  • Buy 4 for £8.12 each and save 7.2%
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MOLTEX nature no.1 is the environmentally friendly version of the disposable nappy. The principle of a respectful, responsible relationship with nature has the highest priority in all areas of their production system. Moltex think it important to show respect for our natural environment. For only by doing so can we ensure the next generations – the little nappy heroes of today and tomorrow – an environmentally sound future.  


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  • INFO
  • MOLTEX, the branded product with a long tradition, introduced the first eco nappy to the world already in 1991. MOLTEX nature no.1 is the only response to the demand for responsible products and innovative advances. Support and promote an environmentally friendly range. Your customers will thank you for it!

    • For Babies From 3-6kg
    • Noticeably dry 3-layers for fast absorption
    • Elasticated waistbands ensure a perfect fit.
    • Completely breathable clothing protection film
    • Dermatologically tested on an ongoing basis
    • First eco nappy in the world for over 20 years
    • Environmentally friendly production

    Knowing how important it is to protect the skin, we guarantee the skin-friendly quality of MOLTEX nature no.1. All of the raw materials processed to produce MOLTEX nature no.1 are tested regularly by independent laboratories.

    The absorbent core in MOLTEX nature no.1 is made of 100% chlorine-free cell material (TCF). Odours are absorbed by a tea-leaf extract. The three-ply absorber ensures rapid absorption of the liquid stored in the absorbent gel in MOLTEX nature no.1. That keeps the areas of skin in contact with the nappy palpably dry.

    The elastic waistbands in the Comfort Stretch system in MOLTEX nature no.1 guarantee a perfect fit. Thanks to the comfortable elastic fit, your baby can kick and move about to its heart’s content without feeling a pinch. And little sandbox toddlers also appreciate the comfort of MOLTEX nature no.1 when they set out on exciting voyages of exploration.

    “Made in Germany” is recognized as a seal of quality and a promise of outstanding products.