Reusable Nappy Accessories

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  • Bambino Mio Laundry Bags

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    Net laundry bags to make washing your reusable nappies as easy as possible. Ideal for use with a Bambino Mio nappy bucket.

  • Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket with Lid

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    A simple, modern and practical nappy bucket which provides you with the perfect place to store used nappies ready for laundry.

  • Mother-Ease Breathable Laundry Mesh Nappy Bag

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    • Breathable nappy liner/ bag
    • Made from polyester
    • Allows cloth nappy to breath
    • Prevents odors from setting on the fabric
    • Goes into your washing machines easily
    • Makes handling the nappy easy

    Mother ease offers an exceptional quality Breathable nappy Pail liner. 

    Made from polyester mesh to allow soiled cloth nappy to "breath" and prevent odors from setting into the fabrics.

    The Breathable Mesh Bags slides over the top of the pail for a perfect fit. Once your pail is full, simply toss the mesh bag into the front (or top) of your washing machine for the diapers to work there way out during the wash cycle - never needing to re handle your dirty nappies again!

  • Liners Ultra Biodegradable Roll

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    • Super soft
    • Super absorbent
    • Super strong
    • Flushable or compostable
    • Non-chlorine bleached
    • Retain solids
    • Septic tank friendly

    This roll of 100 super soft paper nappy liners are of an advanced kind. The liner is thicker than our other liner and has the ability to double up as a baby wipe when wetted.Ideal for taking out with our "out and about spray" and using for all clean ups (suitable for face and hands) as well as its intended nappy liner.
  • Softy SMALL Nappy Liner Flushable 100 sheets

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    £2.25 As low as: £1.91
    • Soft and Stay in Place
    • Flushable (1 sheet at a time)
    • Septic tank friendly, compostable
    • Slightly thicker than normal liners can double up as wipes
    • Sheets are 12.8cm wide each

  • Softy Flushable Nappy Liner Large

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    • Soft and Stay in Place 
    • Flushable (1 sheet at a time) 
    • Septic tank friendly, compostable 
    • Slightly thicker than normal liners 
    • Can double up as wipes 
    • Sheets are 19.3cm wide each

  • Softy Flushable Nappy Liner Small, 50 Pack

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    • 100% biodegradable
    • Septic tank friendly
    • Spun lace viscose material
    • Ability to double up as a baby wipe with water
    • Ideal for 'out and about'
    • 12.8 cm wide

  • Softy Nappy Liners LARGE 50

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    • 100% biodegradable
    • Septic tank friendly
    • Spun lace viscose material
    • Ability to double up as a baby wipe with water
    • Ideal for out and about
    • 19.3 cm wide

  • Baby Wash Mitt With Thumb

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    • Soft Natural Terry Cotton
    • One size fits all
    • Tender on sensitive skin
    • Ideal alternative to a flannel
    • Unbleached

    Natural terry cotton wash mitt. Perfect for getting into the little creases yet washing effectively and tenderly! The ideal alternative to a flannel, still enabling you to hold your baby whilst wash safely.
  • Nappy Bucket with Ventilation, Vanilla

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    • Eco-friendly
    • Holds up to 18 nappies
    • Carbon filter neutralise any odour
    • * Filter is positioned on top of the lid in a Teddy shape
    • Ergonomically designed & easy to seal, carry & empty
    • Secured lid by 2 durable side handles
    • Nappy bag sold separately

    A large sturdy, lockable rectangular bucket for all your nappy soaking. The bucket has two metal clips to keep the lid firmly in place, along with a carbon filter on the lid which helps to neutralise any odour.
  • Carbon Filters for Nappy Bucket

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    • Absorbs odour from soiled nappies
    • Made for Mother-ease nappy pail
    • Each filter lasts 4-5 months
    • Prevents mould & unwanted moisture

  • Slim Stay Dry Liner 3 Pack

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    • 3 liners in a pack
    • Double layered
    • Softest polyester (stay dry barrier)
    • Non-absorbent
    • Final layer with any nappy
    • Does not allow poop to stick to it
    • Comes in Poly bag with product info

    Mother-ease Slim Stay Dry liner is double layered and made of the softest polyester which acts as a stay dry barrier between the skin and the nappy. Being no absorbent its purpose is to keep babys skin dry and protected.

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