Mother-Ease Air Flow Covers

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  • Mother-ease Air Flow Wrap Nappy Cover

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    • Soft, durable and waterproof
    • Adjustable snaps at the waist and leg
    • Openings has an air ventilation system between snaps
    • Allows maximum air circulation as the baby moves
    • Reduces the risk of bacteria
    • Unique airflow pocket across the front
    • Highly breathable
    • Keeps your childs temperature down
    • Highly leak-proof
    • Works well with the Sandys & One Size Nappy
    • 11 eco-designs & 8 bright colours

    The Air Flow Cover is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted diaper cover. Available in 6 sizes. The Air Flow cover is to be used with either the One Size cloth nappies or Sandys cloth nappies to create a highly breathable, leakproof nappy system. It features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Gaps between the snap closures increases air flow, which help regulate the temperature inside the nappy!

1 Item(s)