Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat

  • Suitable for 3 years+
  • Perfect for mealtimes, TV time or anytime at home
  • Made of high density foam for comfort
  • Waterproof, portable and slip resistant 
  • Protects furniture from scratches
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Great for outdoors and indoors
  • Light weight making it easy for meals out
  • Super comfy for your little one
  • Foam protects furniture from scratches
  • Available in 3 colours

Made of a light density foam for comfort, this soft booster seat is perfect for meal-time, TV-time or anytime at home. Waterproof, portable and slip resistant. Great for outdoors...and indoors.

We got tired of hard, gross booster seats at restaurants. This one is a soft spot to give squirmy legs and wandering bottoms a place at the table until they are ready to fly solo...and it looks good too.


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  • INFO
  • This is a great value soft and cushiony booster seat from Prince Lionheart. Great for mealtimes, watching TV, or drawing and colouring. Easy to wipe clean, waterproof and slip resistant. Light and portable so can be carried out for dinner or on holiday. Easy to use both indoors and outdoors. It is made of high density foam making it a very comfortable seat and also protecting furniture from scratches.


    • Prevent serious injury or death from falls or sliding out.
    • Never leave child unattended.
    • Do not use on elevated surface (other than a suitable chair), uneven surface, as a car seat, or in bath.
    • Do not use in motor vehicles.
    • Never allow child to push against table or wall.
    • Never lift this product with your child in it.